Monday, August 22, 2011

Star Trek As We Know It: Blogfest

Today is the Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest, (hosted by Ellie Garratt, here) where you're supposed to post your top five favorite star trek characters and episodes/films. 

Let me start by saying I’m somewhat new to star trek. I was actually introduced to it during my freshman philosophy class, when our teacher showed us scenes from Next Generation to familiarize us with philosophical content. Then the new movie came out and my friends and parents dragged me to see it, though I’d never seen the originals. I stated really watching them early this summer so, at this point, I’ve only seen the movies, the first three seasons of Next Generation, and a few of the original episodes.

Favorite Characters

5. Spock- So smart and serious it’s hilarious.

4. Dr. Beverly Crusher- Every crew needs a smart woman. She's kind and caring, but doesn't let anyone push her around.

3. Captain James T. Kirk
Um… he’s Captain Kirk! Need I say more?

2. Lt. Commander Data
I find him absolutely hilarious. Especially when he’s trying to be human. And the fact that he’s looked down upon for being an android just makes me love him more.

1. Captain Jean-Luc Picard
His morality and attempts to peacefully resolve conflict are what makes him my favorite. Though he’s an intelligent, resourceful captain, he still listens to other’s opinions, considers their advice, and then forms his own solution.

As for my favorite episodes, I don’t think I’ve seen enough to choose. The new movie was great. My mom made me watch “trouble with tribbles” with her recently, and I found it hilarious. I love the Sherlock Holmes episodes with data: Star Trek in London and Data as Sherlock Holmes… what’s not to love!?

Since my family has become recently obsessed with this you tube music video (and it fits just perfectly with this blogfest) I felt obligated to share (If you haven't seen it, it's hilarious):


  1. sexy list, wait i meant smart list... wait i mean... i am a dude who loves the trek.

    great post.


  2. Great list. Spock is the gold standard of Trek characters. It wouldn't have lasted a season without him.


  3. Can't wait to get home to check out the video. Great list for a new Star Trek lover!

  4. Solid list. Spock and Kirk, and their dynamic, really made the show.

  5. As Picard said in First Contact, I envy you. You're just starting out on your Star Trek adventure!

    Fabulous choices!

  6. You're going to love Star Trek...sit through a marathon and you'll be hooked for life. We like some of the same characaters. :)

  7. All this Star Trek! I think I'm going to watch me some today! :)

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  8. My husband was so in love with Beverly Crusher. lol He still wants me to dye my hair red.

  9. Picard was the best captain. You should watch the DS9 episode when they crew returns to the Tribbles scene in the old Star Trek - hilarious!

  10. Hello, Morgan. Good to meet you.
    Don't worry about coming late to the party. I'm really only an original cast guy with regard to the films. I did enjoy the new film and look forward to further adventures. However, though I have been acquainted with Star Trek nearly all my life, I feel relatively new to the party myself-with regard to all of the other series and casts. Cool list.


  11. Jeremy- sexy & smart, that's right!

    Dan- Yes, I think I'd heard of Spock before I'd ever even heard of star trek :P

    Isis- Yes, one with out the other just wouldn't be the same.

    Ellie- Thanks :) I've been enjoying it so far. I'm looking forward to watching another episode tonight!

    Laila- Thanks. I already am hooked (all it took was about half an episode!)

    M. Pax- Hilarious! My dad's a huge Spiderman fan and he's always trying to get my mom to dye her hair red like Mary Jane.

    Alex- Nice to know I'm not the only Picard fan. And more tribbles? I'll have to watch that episode, thanks for recommending it.

    Jimmy- Thanks. I'm glad you liked the new film. It's good to hear people who were fans of the originals enjoyed it as well.

  12. Great choices. I think Data is at the top of a lot of lists. He was also one of my favorite characters.

  13. Great choices, many match with mine :O)

  14. I think I both love you and hate you for sharing that video! But thanks anyway. Picard rules!!

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