Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to Work: A Bit About Bios

After a (mostly) fun filled family vacation to Seattle, Washington, I’m back to the hot Carolina heat and looking forward to staying inside and writing!

I'm glad to announce that my first book, “The Chronicles of Vallanie Sharp: Novice” is now (almost) ready for publication. It’s as revised as it’s going to get, edited, and formatted for Smashwords. I’m satisfied with the cover. All that’s missing is the summary and the bio.

Hence my post for today: Writing a Bio.

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on this. Other than my resume, this is the first time I’ve written one. However, I’ve found some helpful sites including:

A perfectly timed post by go teen writers: Writing a Bio

An e-zine article, How to Write an Author Bio has some good tips to keep in mind. 

You can find some decent examples here.

I also looked up some of my favorite authors and read their bios, which were interesting, but not quite as helpful, since they mostly just listed their numerous credentials and publications.

After some experimentation, here is what I came up with (feel free to offer any advice- like I said, I'm no expert):

Morgan Feldman currently resides in North Carolina where she is earning her BFA in Creative Writing and her BA in Psychology. She considers surviving high school her greatest accomplishment, which must have contributed to her passion for writing teen novels. Seeking anything that engages her imagination, she spends time reading character centric books, making student films, and psychologically analyzing fictional characters with her sister.

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  1. I think your bio sounds great! It is a good description of you :) I've never written a bio either, I bet it's pretty difficult to do.

    btw, I love playing with your fuzzy blog guardian :)