Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Weekend of Anime & Anime Lovers

 My sister is a huge anime fan (like learn japanese and add "chan" to the ends of her friends' names kind of anime fan). So we went to an anime convention for her birthday. It was really fun. I enjoyed walking around and taking pictures of everyone in costume (even though I only recognized about a tenth of the characters). It's like Disney World, only cheaper and with people more exited to be in costume.

My sister made all the costumes. They went as Death the Kid, Liz, and Patty from Soul Eater:

Like I said, I don't watch much anime, so I went as Kaylee from Firefly (it's old, I know, but I only just got around to watching it about a month ago)
My sister's friend and I were super exited to find Sherlock posters! (I also bought a Firefly and a Merlin one). My wall is so pretty now :)

It was fun! I'll probably go back next year. I just found out there is a comic convention in my home town the weekend I'm going home, so I'm making plans for that. It's in just two weeks! I'll have to start on a costume- I'm thinking something from X-men.