Monday, July 30, 2012

Psychology Fan Girl

For the first time, I've become a huge fan of a historical figure: psychologist Carl Rogers. Not only is he an outstanding psychologist (most famous for developing client-centered therapy techniques) he’s a great writer as well. Most of his ideas surround the importance of good open communication and understanding. Anyone who wants to brush up on psychology without getting lost in terminology should check out his work. Here are some of my favorite quotes of his:

It seems to me that I am still — inside — the shy boy who found communication very difficult in interpersonal situations: who wrote love letters which were more eloquent than his direct expressions of love; who expressed himself freely in high school themes, but felt himself too “odd” to say the same things in class. That boy is still very much a part of me. Writing is my way of communicating with a world to which, in a very real sense, I feel I do not quite belong. I wish very much to be understood, but I don’t expect to be. Writing is the message I seal in the bottle and cast into the sea. My astonishment is that people on an enormous number of beaches — psychological and geographical — have found the bottles and discovered that the messages speak to them. So I continue to write.
-Carl Rogers