Friday, August 26, 2011

Blogging Schedule

Do you have a blogging schedule? Have you ever tried one? Do you find it better to have more structure and organization, or to go with the flow and wing it? 

Since I've started this blog, I've been more of the second type, writing what I felt like writing when I felt like writing it. And it's worked so far. I'm just a very organized person by nature, and now that school is back, I like to have as much of my schedule as planned out as possible-and that includes blogging now. 

While considering whether or not it was time to start organizing my posts, I came across this article: “Stop Being an ‘Aspiring’ Writer" For Anyone who is just starting to blog or write, or anyone who has ever doubted themselves, I would recommend reading it. In addition to delivering good informative advice, it was what I needed to crack down and organize my own blog. So, from the next few weeks I’m going to try a temporary schedule and we’ll see what comes from it.

Here’s my plan:
Monday Musings- posts of philosophical or psychological nature pertaining to literature, media, and or writing
Writers Wednesday- dedicated to writing tips, prompts, inspirations, etc.
Fun Friday- the day I’m leaving open for anything- memes, jokes, news, anything noteworthy and lighthearted that is fun to write and (hopefully) fun to read.

How does that sound? As always, I’m open to suggestions.

I hope everyone has a great (and safe!) weekend. I’ll be back bright and early Monday morning for my first musings :)

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  1. Hi, Morgan. How are you?
    I have tried several things and I would simply encourage you to do whatever feels right to you. I have an 11 hour day job which has me up at 3:00 am every weekday. Needing to be in bed before 9 pm doesn't leave me with much time for family, exercise, networking, writing, etc., etc. Recently, I have begun to simply posting one day a week on Monday, and then spending all of the rest of the week promoting the heck out of it and visiting the blogs of others. *waves*
    Good luck with whatever you choose.