Monday, August 29, 2011

Ever had a fictional character who reminded you of... well, you?

So it’s Monday, the start of my first full week of school. After a hectic weekend of being evacuated for the hurricane which (thankfully) didn’t hit here, and returning yesterday afternoon, I’m surprisingly prepared and ready to enter back into the university routine. The class I’m most looking forward to (apart from creative writing) is Psychology of Personality. Since I have personality on the brain, I thought I’d tie it into my post.

So we all love fictional characters, right? But which ones are we most like? The myers-briggs personality test classifies people based on four categories:

E/I -Extravert/Introvert

N/S- Intuitive/Sensing


J/P- Judging/Perceiving

(Ever heard someone say I’m an ENTJ, or ISFP? They’re (probably) referring to their myers-brigg type)

Now take a look at popular fictional characters and their personality types:

Who do you match up with? Anyone you like? Anyone you hate? Have you ever been told you acted like someone (who is or isn’t) on the list? Would you agree?

If you haven’t had enough already... here are some more fun links.
At Personality Café you can type in your letters + “fictional characters” and see what a number of people have come up with.


  1. Personality tests can be so much fun, can't they? :) They don't help me much as far as characterization - I feel very formulaic when I try - but they're always fun. :)

  2. I think I've dumped a little bit of myself into all my characters. It's fun. And I know when the reader reads my story they'll be reading me. :)