Friday, November 11, 2011

When writing gets buried...

What do you do when what you want to write is buried under everything else? Does your list ever look like mine?

To do list:

  1. 15 page paper for History of Psychology
  2. 10 page paper for Psychology of Personality
  3. 12 page Creative-Nonfiction piece 
  4. 2 page creative writing homework assignment
  5. Homework
  6. Study 
  7. Work on my novel(s)
Or maybe you have a job that requires writing, but it just seems so unpleasant compared to writing what you want to write. Or maybe you have a day where you really don't want to blog, but you feel like you should.

Sometimes, you just have to buckle down and get through the writing you don't want to do, in order to make time for the writing you want to. In such cases, here are a few things to remember that will (hopefully) make the work a little more fun:

  • Look at it as research for your stories (if possible). (Here's where being a psychology student comes in handy, because psychology can be related to any story that has a character.) 
  • Look at it as practice. Every sentence you write is bettering you as a writer.  
  • Keep an eye out for things to steal from yourself. 
  • Remember, you could be having to do Math instead :P
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Good luck with Nano!

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