Monday, November 7, 2011

Most Human Non-Humans

So, we all love reading/watching stories about aliens, vampires, werewolves and demons, right? These fantastical creatures have powers we can only dream of, often accompanied by responsibilities we’d crumbled under. But what is it that makes us so attracted to them (other than their great looks and “charming” personalities, of course)? Their humanity.

It’s strange how the most adored non-human characters are often the most human. Take a look at these three for example:

Dr Who
Wicked smart and extremely resourcefull, this Time Lord is anything but human. He saves planets on a daily basis, travels around in a blue police box, and has two hearts, but inside, he’s all human.

Emotion-free and extremely logically, he’s an often funny, entertaining character. But it’s the times he actually “slips-up” and shows emotion that make us love him.

Before vampires were mainstream, Angel was the most human a vampire could get. Retaining the powers of a vampire and the need to drink blood, he dedicated his life (or well, living-death) to helping the hopeless, caring for people in a way only a human could.  

Who would you say is the most human non-human character you’ve come across?  

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