Saturday, November 26, 2011

When Being A Writer Comes In Handy

We all know it's a great feeling to have the world know you're a writer through your top-selling novels... or, at least, we can imagine such a great feeling. But, other than the connection, inspiration, and (just a little) ego-stroking a best-selling novel would being, here are some often overlooked perks of being a writer: 

  • When you feel like you finally have a reason to listen to your crazy relatives life histories or gossip in the office
  • When it comes to writing holiday cards
  • When it comes to making speeches
  • When it comes to putting together a resume
  • When you can look at jury time as inspiration
  • When you can look at any disagreeable event as inspiration
  • When you can impress friends by predicting the end of a TV show or movie 
  • When you can read or watch TV and say it’s “research”
  • When you have a perfectly reasonable explanation of eavesdropping 

I hope everyone was thankful for their writing on Thanksgiving :P Hope you had a happy one! 

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