Friday, February 24, 2012

When heroes take time off, they... Blog?

I’ve been into BBC’s Sherlock lately—a modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, in which Watson follows Holmes on many adventures and records them on his blog. Literally. They’ve created a blog for John Watson. And Sherlock Holmes. And a few minor characters from the TV series.
Anyone who’s a fan of the show should definitely check them out—they’re complete with all the cases, what happened between episodes, and even have (quite hilarious) comments from other various characters.
I told some of my friends about it and they sat down and read the whole thing. It’s genius. Which brings me to my question: Is this common? Are blogs for fictional characters on the rise, or are they something you think would be quickly shot down? Would you read one? Would you ever blog for your own characters? I’m curious. I’ve really never heard of this before.
Tying to determine if fictional blogging was a new sensation or if I was just behind, I googled it. What I found mostly supported the later, though the majority of fictional blogs, it would seem, are fans by fans engaging in a sort of roleplay. However, it's also becoming more common for TV-shows to create them in order to promote themselves.
It seems like it could potentially be a neat marketing technique for authors (though I’m not sure people would ever read it unless they were already fans of the book or movie. Maybe it would get them prepped for a sequel?). I see how they could catch on, or quickly become annoying. What do you think?
Here are a few fun ones I've found:
Barney's Official Blog (from How I met your Mother)
An unofficial (I think) Spiderman blog
And, for anyone interested, here's an article on how to Write a Fictional Blog

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  1. BBC Sherlock is a classic. Great acting, superb music and clever scripts make this a must watch for everyone :)