Monday, September 5, 2011

Why can't we all be like Peter Pan?

When did it stop being OK to dress up? To say what we really think? To play on playgrounds? To pretend to be someone else for a day?
When did we stop singing at the top of our lungs? Stop dancing in front of others?
When did they take away craft day? Nap time?
When did we start caring that our clothes had to be anything more than comfortable? That our meals have to be more than tasty?
Why was it that, when we were little, we wanted to do anything to be grown up, but once we got there, it didn't seem quite as fun as we thought?

Let's start out the week right: I challenge you to do something child-like this week, whether it's as simple as finger drawing in the shower or as complicated as building a fort (or, if you're really in the writing mood, have a character do something child-like). Happy Monday :)

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