Monday, September 12, 2011

Boys Vs. Girls

One of the things we talked about in my psychology class today was how many of the behavioral differences between boys and girls (ie, boys tend to be more aggressive, strong, dominating, while women tend to be polite, calm, caring) are not hereditary, but learned.

There was an experiment (and probably more, since then) where they took a small child, dressed him up as a girl, and filmed adults interacting with him. Then they made the child look like a boy and had the same people interact with him (they thought it was a different child) and, without a doubt, the treatment was different.

In essence, we teach boys and girls to act different, because we think they already are.

I always get annoyed when I meet guys who think girls are naturally less intelligent than them, or girls who think it’s OK for their boyfriends to lash out because “that’s what guys do.” We’re more a like than we're different!

Any male/female stereotypes you hate to hear (or love to write about)?

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