Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So I finally got around to watching Twilight...

I'm going to start by saying I read the first book when I was in high school, and loved it. I read the second book, and hated it. Then someone told me to try the third, so I did, but I wasn't a fan. I made it half-way through the fourth and gave up. I'd seen part of the first movie before, but it didn't look great, so I never thought to rent it.

Over the weekend my roommate borrowed all three movies from a friend and had a mini-marathon. Twilight was OK, if not a little boring (I mean, half the movie is just Edward and Bella looking at each other). The book was appealing because of the whole sort of day-dreamy mood we got by being in Bella's head, but it just didn't translate to screen well. It was a book about emotions, which is hard to base a movie around.

I skipped New Moon because I disliked the book so much.

And then I tried eclipse because I'd heard it was much better and... it was much better! I was pleasantly surprised. It was neat to see more of the other Cullens and their backstories. Bella still annoyed me, but other than that, there wasn't much to complain about. It felt a little more balanced between the romance story-line and the supernatural plot, which I personally think made the romance part more valuable.

I'm curious to see what other people think. Any twilight fans? Twilight haters? I'd be curious to know what's so appealing about it, or what's so unappealing.


  1. I was asked by my critique partner why Twilight is so readable. Her argument was that nothing really happens (action wise), but she couldn't put it down. I gave her my thoughts which were simply this: The reason Twilight is so readable is the mystery and intrigue surrounding The Boy. All us girls tend to relate to all the emotions Bella experiences with the stomach jitters, goosepimply, arrow-in-the-butt feelings.

    As for the movies, they are so incredibly cheesy, I can't help but laugh a little at them. So why do I own them? Why do I pop it in the DVD player more times then I'd like to admit? Because of the feelings it evokes. I know there are Twilight haters out there, but to write something that affects people the way it does, makes for some powerful writing.

    (Sorry about the long comment. I am a chatterbox sometimes, lol.)

  2. That makes sense (and don't worry: long comments are always good-at least, when they're interesting :P) the emotions are definitely there, and I would agree that was what drew me in the most.

    Maybe the movies are better for people who are already fans of the books, because they go in with proper expectations. It had to have been hard to transform an emotionally driven book into an entertaining movie, because movies are expected to be plot driven (or abstract/artistic), so they had to play up the parts that are downplayed in the book.
    ...And people say there's nothing a book can offer that a movie can't.